About Entrix

Founded in 2011, Entrix strive to provide exceptional services to its clients and we believe that our services help businesses to succeed. We recognise the goals that businesses need to accomplish and also the obstacles they encounter. This is why our panel of professionals who have excelled in a wide variety of arenas and the vast industry expertise helps them to start working on solutions straightaway. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their needs and this collaboration helps us to come with proactive solutions which are not only highly maintainable and scalable but also cost effective.

History and Team

Entrix is an Information & Communication technology (ICT) services company providing IT consulting, software developing, web designing and corporate branding services to enterprises globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip our clients with solutions which would help to boost revenue whilst solving most of their business problems.

Why we are different

Our project management model and industry expertise helps us to provide a high value in the IT solutions which enhance the business performance, increase ROI, fast-tracks business growth and most importantly boost satisfaction of the target market of the client. We make use of the leading cutting edge technologies and industry standards when provisioning solutions to our clients and our approach gurantees high scalability, durability, stability and maintainability of them.