IT Consulting for Small Businesses

As business owners you may are usually involved with your business and may find it challenging to spend time to think beyond how new IT technologies can support the business. We've seen many business owners face challenges, time constraints and failing to find skilled employees.

Entrix can support your business by collaboratively identifying new technologies which the business could benefit from. New technologies get published every now and then and every business doesn't get benefited from every new technology and this where our technology consulting service offering comes into action. Our consultants have got a proven track record on collaborating with clients to provide valuable information new how technologies and how to apply them into each business unit.

Our consultants got both theoretical knowledge and real life expertise on different IT related technologies thus helps us to guide you to pick the technologies which matches with the business. We can help on creating IT strategic plans, technology recommendations and software architecture plans which aligns with the business and the emerging trends in Information Technology.

Technology Consulting

We understand that new technologies, environments and hardware devices could be quite overwhelming and there's a high chance that you will be spending more time trying to determine the best and viable technologies for your solution or business problem. Entrix has specialised in providing Technology consultation for clients who are finding it difficult to come with a technical strategy which is viable in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and cost. Entrix can help you to identify, assess and plan a solution design for your next or existing project.

Process Consulting

May be you are a technology company such as a software development firm or a company which has an internal IT (information technology) or Software Development department. As part of business growth and changing environmental variables your team is likely to grow larger with time and you may find it difficult to manage the software development process and the team around the process. Entrix can help to determine the best process for your software development teams such as with a software development process and/or specifically help you to build a continuous integration environment for your projects.

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